A few weeks ago, Ian Mathieu, from the folk/Americana group Terminal Union, called me looking to add some drums and percussion to their live act in order to pump up some of their bigger shows.  They are currently a 3-piece with Ian on guitar, David Faul on guitar/piano/banjo and Lynette Mathieu on stand up bass with all of them adding some sweet sweet harmony to the mix.  I have been a fan of them since JEHC and Terminal Union did a show at the Crow's Nest earlier last year.  It was such a fantastic night ending in a sing along jam session at the end consisting of Mark Utley, Kelly Thomas, Terminal Union, JEHC, and others...all with whiskey in hand belting out The Band's "The Weight."  It was then I thought "man I love this music scene, and I want to play music with all these folks!"  Ian has been a big supporter of JEHC and a leader in this scene so I was excited when he contacted me.  We have 2 shows lined up currently...Taqueria Mercado on February 2 (early show 8-10:30) and Northside Tavern on February 19.

Check out their songs!  One of these even features one of my best pals Michael Mavridoglou on trumpet.  I'll let you figure out which one. (HINT: it's the one with trumpet on it)

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