A local rag in Cincinnati called CityBeat has included my solo album "Like The Vine" in their list of The Year in Local Recordings.  Thanks for the love CityBeat!

"Local musician Mark Becknell has been primarily known as a drummer/percussionist and has worked with a wide range of local acts.  But Becknell is also an excellent singer/songwriter, as evidenced on his debut full-length solo album, Like The Vine.  The recording highlights Becknell's impressive Folk/Americana songwriting, which is given a uniquely ethereal vibe on the album which suggests a collaboration with super-prodcucer Daniel Lanois would be a perfect fit".  (MB)

                                                                              Listen to "Like The Vine" HERE

The QUEEN CITY SILVER STARS have also had some attention for being nominated for a CEA (Cincinnati Entertainment Award) in the World/Reggae category.  The outcome is based on public if you could take a second and vote for us....I would greatly appreciate it!

                                                                                Listen to 
                                                                                 QUEEN CITY SILVER STARS

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