So far this year I have been very fortunate to play with some fantastic musicians...and this past week has been no exception!  I had the opportunity to be a part of two songwriter nights which included many great writers from around the city...so I was excited that my songs were included.  The weekend ended with me jamming with The Scotty Anderson Band.

TUESDAY - March 26

Dusty Bryant and I have been getting together recently to write songs and conquer the world.  I have known Dusty since the tennis courts of junior high school, and we've been creating music together ever since.  He joined me at the Knotty Pine for their Musicians Showcase hosted by James Funk.  Our friends Shoot Out The Lights did an awesome acoustic set...a slight departure from their usual rockin show.  I also had the pleasure of hearing Daniel Bayer from My Brother The Bear...great songwriter, performer and bass drum thumper.  I first saw Daniel at the 2012 Whispering Beard Festival...I was walking across the grassy field and his performance literally stopped me in my tracks.  The great thing that catches you about his songs is the melody...he can offer his audience crafted lyrical lines that really stick with you and are hard to forget (not that you
would want to).  I did jam with him backstage after that festival show but i'll be honest...I don't remember that moment too clearly.  I will blame Gentleman's Jack. 

FRIDAY - March 29

This was the gig that I had been looking forward to for months.  Songwriters Night at The Crow's Nest.  It was "in the round" which meant all the musicians sat on stage and traded songs back and forth...good times.   I was joined by Mark Utley (from Magnolia Mountain), Billy Alletzhauser (from The Hiders) and
Daniel Bayer (from My Brother The Bear)...some heavy hitters from the Cincinnati music scene.  I gained courage from PBR and Jameson.  It was a night filled with melodic hooks, gritty stories, heart felt and passionate performances and whatever it is that I do.

SATURDAY - March 30

I've played with some great guitar players throughout my drumming life...but what the hell?  Scotty Anderson was just amazing...unbelievable...and more of a local celebrity than I thought!  I got the call last week from piano/organ player Carey Owens.  Carey is not only my motorcycle riding buddy but also a band mate from a few years ago.  He's been playing with the Scotty Anderson Band for a few months and their regular drummer couldn't make this one...lucky me.   Not knowing what to expect...I set up my kit and prepared for an adventure. As each song came I would whisper to Carey.."what's the beat on this one?"  He would look in the air confused and say "uh..um...it's like.." he would then wave his hands in the air, trying to imitate a drummer but looking more like a monkey being electrocuted.  After that he would say "oh..you'll be fine".. and then count the song off.  Needless to say I needed to be on point so I stayed away from the whiskey on this gig.  I had fantastic time though...locked in the Jim Miles (bass player)...helped Scotty take his solos to the stratosphere (not that he needed my help).. and got to play with a great friend again!  I love this life. 


APRIL 5 - Terminal Union @ Crow's Nest 
w/ Honey & Houston

APRIL 7 - Solo show @ Southgate House Revival Lounge
w/ Dusty Bryant, Joseph W. Mitchell

APRIL 13 - Silver Stars Steel Band @ Marty's Hops and Vines

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