I traveled up to northwest Indiana last week and was able to hit a few open mic nights to satisfy my restless musical soul.  My first night was in Griffith, IN at a place called Set 'Em is a small bowling alley with  a lounge attached to it.  It was recommended to me by a gentleman in the one of the local music stores...he said "it's good people who play some great music.."  It was true!  Ten minutes after arriving I knew most everyone's name (including people that weren't playing) and already started trading stories and ideas back and forth.  Ryan Frahm, the host of the open mic, started things off with a band he puts together for this event...they kicked off into a rip roaring blues jam which set the mood for the whole night!  Most acts were blues based which didn't surprise me being so close to Chicago.  After a few acts, I got up and did my thing.  The crowd was very responsive to my non  blues based singer songwriter act....very attentive listeners.  They were probably more intrigued why some dude from Cincinnati stopped in their little town to play at a local open mic night...all I can say is.....I will be back.

The next day I headed to South Bend, IN...home of Notre Dame and other things I'm sure.  Being a tourist in town, you're never really aware of what place is going be your style...but I nailed it when I walked into the Fiddler's Hearth.  It's an Irish style pub with an amazing beer selection.  Once again....good wholesome got to love the midwest.  They have a rather famous open mic here during the week that is so popular you have to sign up via email several days before.  Luckily I was prepared and contacted them a week prior and I got the opening slot.  I was coming down with a pretty bad cold that took me out of the game of life for the next couple of days but was able to get through my twenty minute set (I'm sure not everything was pretty) thanks to my medication....Jameson on the rocks.  It felt good to get on stage in front of this packed house and share my songs.  You could tell most were there for the music because there wasn't a whole lot of talking...just listening.  I love that type of crowd.

Here is a recording from that night of one of my newest songs:


Northside Tavern 
w/ TERMINAL UNION              

Brothers Drake Meadery (CBus) 

Crows Nest

Southgate Revival Lounge SOLO!  
w/ Dusty Bryant, David Faul

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